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Imagine you’re standing at the shore of a swiftly flowing river. Do you stay where you are and watch as the current passes you by? Do you gently wade in and tread water? Or do you fill your lungs with a deep breath and joyously dive in, letting the river guide you to where you need to be?  So many of us watch the twists and turns of life pass us by. We accept the ebb and flow of relationships, the ups and downs of our jobs. Or we find ourselves going through the motions, but not moving forward—treading water.

Life can be messy, challenging, turbulent. Even the strongest, highest-achieving individuals can get dragged down below the surface by conflicting feelings, unhealthy habits, relationship issues, and big decisions. And although it’s hard to admit, we are often held back by our own emotions, environment, and beliefs.

Emerge creates a safe and supportive space to discuss these barriers and help our clients discover a new reality. We use purposeful talks, insightful exercises, and a deep understanding of emotional intelligence to empower our clients to find their life’s purpose. It doesn’t matter where you are in life, if there’s a desire for something better, something life-changing, then you are capable of it.

We encourage you to dive in that water…and emerge a happier, more balanced you.



World traveler. Entrepreneur. Survivor. Sean understands the meaning of a life well-lived. Now Sean channels all of this life experience and training into Emerge, where he uses his empathy, emotional intelligence, and listening skills to help his clients live life anew every day.


Diana became a certified life and wellness coach, specializing in behavioral analysis and transformation. Now she brings her renowned expertise, contagious energy, and imitable passion to Emerge, where she and her team of talented coaches strive to help others to achieve greatness.


Certified Life Coach and Holistic Practitioner, she combines powerful mindset shifting tools to address the mental and emotional aspects of nutrition and holistic medicine to address the physical body. Adriana knows that everyone can have a vibrant, balanced life—and she wants the same for you.


After spending almost a decade at a YMCA as Senior Program Director, where he was responsible for a 2.5 million dollar budget and over 200 employees, Kai decided to redefine his dash and dedicate himself to helping our clients reach their potential.

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Emerge Life Coaching


Feeling unsatisfied and fearful is an imperative part of your journey, trust it! it is undeniable proof that you are meant for more.

Emerge Life Coaching



When I hired Emerge I was stuck in a rut. I had dreams but kept focusing on my misery and didn’t even know it. There was no apparent exit. I was cynical and felt the unfairness of this world was all mine. I wanted better. Working with my coach I was able to find a new perspective of what my past meant and instead of letting it victimize me, the process helped me shift my mind into being empowered by it. The SHIFT! wow! When I look back I cannot even believe how trapped I was on my own self-pitiful perspective. That’s just a bit of it all. Coaching has been the single best thing I ever engaged in. It has improved it all for me! Chris B.

Chris B. CFO

Diana was the coach who finally helped me shift to a healthy lifestyle. Her approach is from inside out. The shift you achieve with her is permanent because it is done at your believes, values and identity level. During the last few years I have called on Diana when life presents challenging moments. She always presents alternative empowering options to approach the situation. I couldn't recommend her more! Alessandra S.

Alessandra S. Credit Advisor and Vice President

Diana would tell me to visualize how I want to look and feel in my new body and the more I visualized it the more I wanted it. During this time I began noticing a dramatic transformation from the inside out, my health improved and I looked and felt better than I have in years. In 7 months I went from an unhealthy, unhappy size 16 to a confident, rejuvenated size 10. Yes size 10! Rachel R.

Rachel R.

To me coaching was not to fix something that was wrong, instead, it was to address a sense of What Else Is Possible?. I wanted to find the true, more honest version of myself and to learn how to follow my dreams. Turned out there is much more potential in me than I ever realized. Coaching helped me get clarity on my goals and set a manageable plan of action to get there without getting overwhelmed. Without stress but with purpose and passion instead. Arlene F.

Arlene F. Advertising Creative Director