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Achieve Success

How To Achieve Success

First, it is important to say that success in life is achieving happiness. No matter what that looks like to you. The measure is that feeling of overwhelming joy, where nothing else matters. that’s success! This may come to some in the form of power, money, purpose, and so many possibilities. In my case, happiness is found in freedom to do and think as I please.

Discovering and making friends with your idea of success can be challenging. The reason this is challenging is that of life-long programming we are all under. Which means we are going to need to be really open minded to achieve this goal. True! Let me explain.

We are born by no choice of our own in the circle of a family crew, who also was born with no choice of their own in another family circle and so on. So thoughts and concepts of success are passed on to us by our family as they are influenced by their parents and also culture, society, experiences, etc.

For example, If I am born in a family that is Catholic, chances are I will be too. But if I was born in a Buddhist family, guess what? I would have greater chance to believe in Buddhism.

1- Most of our thinking is not even our own. In order to find out what our honest concept of success is, we first need to become aware of all the codes that have been implanted in our beliefs by the reality we were born into. This does not mean we are looking to change these beliefs, we are only trying to set free from their limits while we find what truly makes us happy. Here is the open mindedness I was referring to. We have to connect to our core desires, even if they are against everything we were brought up to be true. This is a very personal moment.

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I like to make a list of all the main values I know come from my family and culture. Become familiar and conscious about it so we know when they are influencing our choices.

2- At this point we can begin our wondering, making friends with some simple ideas that make you happy without letting your codes make you feel guilty or conflicted about it. This is a courageous step and not taking it is what makes most people very unhappy. This process is blurry by nature, mostly if you have never done it. To help you find some honest desires, try these few exercises:

a- Try to remember what you desired back when you were a teen. Often we are the rawest version of ourselves when we become young adults. What were you about? what moved you most? Type of music, activities, what were your desires then? This may not be true today still, but chances are it will clear the blur a bit about what turns you on today.

b- Imagine yourself being part of a completely different reality, another family, another country, another culture. Then see which one do you feel your nature fits in well or at least a bit better and see why. How would you be around them, what would you do for a living, who would you date? etc.

c- Make a list of the things that come naturally to you. Your tendencies, talents. Things you are naturally motivated to go do. These are part of the true you and should be part of your success also.

Somewhere within the answers of this is your truth.
If for some reason such truth is in conflict with all the codes you come with, what you have been told is the idea of success, you now are in a pickle.
You will need to make a choice between what you were taught and what is real to you.

I never said this was easy.

On the other hand, if your exploring takes you to a place where your happiness and your codes are not in conflict, then wonderful! You are lucky.   In both cases, this will take some time, first to really become aware of your codes and then to courageously define the factors that will truly make you successful.

The next step would be to see what will it take for you to make it your reality, and see which, if any, coded self-limiting beliefs will sabotage your journey.  I Hope this offers some food for thought. Everything you need to discover your idea of success you already have.

Be courageous, there is beauty in your future when you follow your truth.

Much love you you all and please make some comments, subscribe and share this with someone you love.

Bye for now!


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