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Let’s Make Assumptions!

Many of us have heard the sentence “make no assumptions” and yet it is extremely common to do so. The reason why it’s because it is coded in our human survival instincts.  As animals, we sense things, perceive energies and make immediate assumptions on all our surroundings.
Yes, nowadays we may not need that survival instinct as much, but I still believe in its value to keep us safe in our world regardless of the advances we have.  There are still many benefits to this skill of quickly making an initial assessment of people and situations.  I believe we shouldn’t be so keen to eliminate this human super power.
Yes, super power,  humans have many super powers!  And the ability to sense and make quick assumptions is one of them!
We only err when we take this initial assumption and we accept it as fact before further rational verification.  The mistake is made when we make permanent judgments based on only initial assumptions.
Connecting to our animal instincts of survival is not only recommended, It is quite unavoidable.  So instead of negating it, harness it in your power belt and combine it with the other human super power of rationalization to ensure you are seeing things as they truly are.
Diana Salom
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