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Painless Love | How to Eliminate Pain from Love

Painless Love | How To Eliminate Pain from Love

Are you under the illusion that you can choose who you will fall in love with?  We’re not!  This epic feeling is involuntary, irrational, and often inconvenient. Does that make you feel a bit of vertigo? –If that news makes you feel a bit of vertigo,  I get it. Once we realize just how little control we have over our feelings of love, it can be scary.
Now, there is a way to avoid the fear and pain often found with this beautiful feeling, but It will take a deeper understanding of the purity of love. We are programmed to yearn for tangible gratification, which is not easy to achieve, but with time and consistency, it can be mastered. When it is, your heart will plump beyond your wildest imagination.
I am talking about a deep commitment to loving intensely, constantly, and freely.  I’ll explain:
The painful parts of loving come from our human need for presence, touch, and reciprocation. These are the ecstasy of love, and I am in no way attempting to reduce the value of these desires. In fact, I wish every single human experience mutual, true love at least once in this lifetime. But let’s be honest, mutual true love is rare and more often than not, we find ourselves in single sided love situations.
The truth about love is that in its purest form it cannot possibly hurt anyone. It’s the only purpose is happiness and bliss. The secret is to love the feeling of LOVE.   Understanding that it can thrive in you and fill you up with bliss and happiness regardless of reciprocation, responsibilities, or even closeness.Humans and animals are capable of maintaining intense feelings of love for other beings beyond death, distance, and time. We know this for a fact.  When the feeling is true, it transcends everything. Our physical selves yearn for presence, but the love itself is untouched and remains beautiful.The answer is in our willingness to transform the way we feel LOVE.
We have to maintain the feeling intact yet allow it to take the form it needs to, letting it flow through us and right out into the universe. Share it. cherish it. Speak confidently about it and own the heck out of that love expecting nothing in return.When we love, we love!
We can attempt to mask it with learned behaviors, filling our minds with angry, negative ideas that will “cure” us from this feeling. But when love is real, trying to numb it is a lost cause. It will continue to exist in you either creating negativity or creating bliss, your choice!  We might as well turn it into something that makes you fuller and happier, right?
There is no right formula for what new form this love will take. I feel true love for many that are no longer near, which will likely never stop. They are an important part of me and my growth, even though I no longer desire their touch or reciprocation. Gosh! I don’t even require their awareness of my never-ending love for them. I just LOVE the heck out of them!
Unavoidably, when we free the love from all its responsibilities, we plump up bigger and bigger, making our hearts even more capable of loving intensely. By projecting genuine love we ourselves are a target for more genuine love. This increases our opportunity to find mutual true love.
If love is the overwhelming feeling in your heart, more love will find you.


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