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My Personal Mission | | Diana Salom

My Personal Mission | Diana Salom


I wanted to write this post today to let you all know what my true personal mission is and how Emerge fits into that.

I guess a bit about me is a good place to start.

My name is Diana Salom, I was born and raised in Venezuela by a Peruvian family and been in the US since 18. I guess you can say I am a professional foreigner. Never been from any particular space and I like it!

Since I can remember, even as a child I have been a coach, unofficially at first, then as a personal trainer, which is when I realized it was the coaching I was naturally doing more than the exercises that truly transformed my clients into healthy happy beings. A few years ago I came to terms with my mission in life and began my growth as a personal development coach.

This is truly my thing. I cannot even help it. I realized that my fascination, excessive observing and over analyzing of human behaviors could be used towards something wonderful and valuable to me and many around me.

In this life, I am meant to help, to receive the lessons nature and people teach me and pass them along to others. My only mission is to be of service to those that wonder what else is possible and help them find the right way to understand and build their concept of happiness.

I am no stranger to hardship, struggle, failure, fear, frustrations. I am no stranger to lack of opportunity and obstacles. I have been there and done that. But It only makes me happy ad grateful as it has been the lessons within those experiences that have given me today the skills and perspective to empower others.

So that is my true mission. To help you achieve a true understanding of what your success looks like, sync that with your nature and make it your mission. To provide you with some simple yet powerful concepts that will heal your personal and or professional relationships, help you achieve health naturally, and empower your leadership skills so you can make all your goals real.

Anyways thats my personal mission and I am grateful to be of service.

Thank You so much for visiting our site.   Check out our blog, I ramble on there quite a bit.

Also feel free to use the self-scheduling system to book a time for a chat with me. I will be delighted to meet you and see what we can learn from each other.

Much love to you,

Diana Salom


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