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Emerge Offers different programs.  Individuals and/or corporations can select the most appropriate program that suits their needs and desires.


More often than not, we’re all about go, go, go and give, give, give. Between caring for our families, meeting social obligations, climbing the corporate ladder, you know—life—we sometimes lose sight of what we really want. Basically,…we get stuck. But your journey might be much bigger and more incredible than you ever imagined. How do you find that out, claim that soaring new possibility as your own—and then live with it, day after astonishing day?


At Emerge, we’ve developed five distinct coaching programs: Achieve, Brainstorm, Clarity, Together, and Journey. Whether you’re looking for customization, structure, community, or help with one specific issue, Emerge’s programs are designed to help you ignite your dreams!


Emerge Life Coaching

Emerge Life Coaching

Emerge Life Coaching

Emerge Life Coaching

Emerge Life Coaching

Emerge Life Coaching


True to its promise, Achieve re-awakens your dream. Our most personalized, ongoing program, Achieve pairs you with someone empowering—someone that lives their own dream life and knows how to bring yours out.

Within Achieve, our work is organic. We listen. We’re vividly present to you, as a force of support and wisdom. We create a space—and use it to inspire our clients. And gradually, our clients transform. Based on our past experiences, what may start out as a small change—in attitude or mindset—can spill over into all aspects of a client’s life, resulting in powerful, palatable growth.

Achieve reaches its power by being shaped by you and your needs. Your truth will define the journey. We recommend committing to Achieve for 16-52 weeks, but there is no obligation to do so. Timelines vary with each client.

  • One weekly hour-long session conducted via phone or Skype
  • In-home exercises and assessments
  • Unlimited check-in calls, texts, and emails in between sessions
  • Lifetime access to all of Emerge’s membership only resources (including all Together coaching programs, newsletters, videos, etc.)
  • Price – $1150 per month

Emerge Life Coaching


Unsure? Confused? Stuck? Sometimes, we just need a trustworthy person to help us gain insight on a particular subject or situation.

A Brainstorm session is a single meeting commitment, where your coach will serve as a soundboard for you. You’ll work together to create a safe space where you can clear your thoughts and design a plan of action.

  •  60 minute meeting
  •  Price: $210.00

Emerge Life Coaching


You’re  excited to realign your life to your dreams—to get revved up in the morning and make your days really sing. You’d love a guiding hand–and that’s what Clarity is all about.

Clarity provides a  roadmap to transformation. As with Achieve, it paves the way for dramatic self-discovery. Unlike Achieve, we get you there with a proven structure, concentrating on eight pivotal concepts. Through focused webinars and private coaching sessions, we’ll examine what’s causing your current reality—and shift it: gently, firmly, and powerfully.

Each week, you’ll experience two insightful interactions, beginning with a webinar. The webinar introduces you to one carefully selected concept and then leads you through a set of targeted questions. This process stirs up incredible insights, powerful reflections, and even questions you’ve never pondered about yourself before. You will then examine and discuss these thoughts during the second interaction—a private session with your coach.

Concepts covered:

  • Discovery & turning points
  • Protective behaviors
  • Perspective
  • Rationalizing
  • Mind-shifts & attitudes
  • Purpose
  • Strategy & action plans
  • Troubleshooting & maintenance
  • Price – $2850 for entire 8-week program

Emerge Life Coaching

TOGETHER  – Group Programs 

“My body is built this way”.

“I’m not cut out for a lasting relationship”.

“It’s too hard to change…but my life is just fine”.

Why is it so much easier for us to correct a friend when they say something critical about themselves than it is to recognize our own complacent attitudes?

All of us search—at one time or another—for that delicious hook that has us tackling work, our relationships, our social life, and our health with gusto. Together aims to re-awaken that—with like-minded people at your side!

Emerge’s group coaching program gathers together a tightknit community to reflect on shared goals and gain enormous power. Each week, your coach will facilitate as you discuss a carefully chosen concept that relates to the group’s purpose.

  •       One weekly 75-minute session conducted via webinar platform
  •       Attend as many sessions as you want each month
  •       Pay a $40 monthly subscription fee, that can be canceled at any time

Currently, Emerge is offering the following TOGETHER programs:


Overeating  isn’t a foregone conclusion. Everyone has the ability to control their bodies—no matter where you start. This group aims to tackle the thoughts, attitudes, mindset, and environments that prevent you from enjoying a completely healthy, fit, and capable body.


Book Together- Health and Weight-Loss


So much of life’s joy and pain stems from our relationships—with family,  friends, co-workers. This group enables you to let go of restrictive thoughts and discover the essence of what you want out of your relationships.

Emerge Life Coaching


You have always heard that traveling opens your mind!

Here at Emerge, we believe that traveling can be a powerful transformational experience. When you’re away from everything you know and everything you’re used to, you discover the most honest and most true version of yourself. But it can be scary going outside of your comfort zone, especially if you’re not used to traveling.

In our Journey program, you and your coach will design an itinerary and then travel together—diving into what is possibly the best experience of your life! You will not only enjoy the company and security of traveling with someone that is knowledgeable about the world, but you also will be coached on your personal journey during your time away.   

Emerge Life Coaching

When I hired Emerge I was stuck in a rut. I had dreams but kept focusing on my misery and didn’t even know it. There was no apparent exit. I was cynical and felt the unfairness of this world was all mine. I wanted better. Working with my coach I was able to find a new perspective of what my past meant and instead of letting it victimize me, the process helped me shift my mind into being empowered by it. The SHIFT! wow! When I look back I cannot even believe how trapped I was on my own self-pitiful perspective. That’s just a bit of it all. Coaching has been the single best thing I ever engaged in. It has improved it all for me! Chris B.

Chris B. CFO

Diana was the coach who finally helped me shift to a healthy lifestyle. Her approach is from inside out. The shift you achieve with her is permanent because it is done at your believes, values and identity level. During the last few years I have called on Diana when life presents challenging moments. She always presents alternative empowering options to approach the situation. I couldn't recommend her more! Alessandra S.

Alessandra S. Credit Advisor and Vice President

Diana would tell me to visualize how I want to look and feel in my new body and the more I visualized it the more I wanted it. During this time I began noticing a dramatic transformation from the inside out, my health improved and I looked and felt better than I have in years. In 7 months I went from an unhealthy, unhappy size 16 to a confident, rejuvenated size 10. Yes size 10! Rachel R.

Rachel R.

To me coaching was not to fix something that was wrong, instead, it was to address a sense of What Else Is Possible?. I wanted to find the true, more honest version of myself and to learn how to follow my dreams. Turned out there is much more potential in me than I ever realized. Coaching helped me get clarity on my goals and set a manageable plan of action to get there without getting overwhelmed. Without stress but with purpose and passion instead. Arlene F.

Arlene F. Advertising Creative Director