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True Confidence Vs. Overcompensation

True confidence is a rare quality.  In this world of humans,  there is value to knowing about ourselves and our fellow earth habitats.  Knowing how to differentiate true Confidence from Overcompensation is one of many valuable human-interaction skills.
  Day after day we are dealing with others, at work, at home, at social events, etc.  We often run into people we immediately assume as confident.  Maybe they speak loud and say things straight forward.   They stand up tall, they have opinions and lessons about many subjects and never seem to be short of success stories.
These are the typically assumed confident gals and fellows.   There very well may be veracity to their stories and successes.  That’s not in question, but their constant need of appreciation, reassurance, and admiration is a strong sign that deep down -or sometimes not so deep down- they are coming from a place of insecurity.  A certain vulnerability which they subconsciously need to compensate for.
Why a person feels insecure, as you can imagine, can have many many possible explanations.  Each of us in one way or another have felt insecure at times and aim to hide it behind our learned “I’m cool” behaviors.
On the flip side, true confidence comes across much more elegantly.  There is no internal need for re-assurance. These people are confident regardless of anyone’s opinion.  True confidence is quiet and may offer knowledge when needed but without the side agenda of approval and/or recognition.
In this world where humans offer us the greatest happiness and the greatest pains,  it is imperative to build the skills to help us understand behaviors like this one.  This way we can strive in our choices and create the reality we are hoping for.
It is also imperative to become aware our own moments of overcompensation.  By acknowledging these,  we can begin to self-improve on them until we truly feel confident on that specific subject or situation.
This brings me to another great topic wrote about.  The difference between being vulnerable or being weak.   Check it out!
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