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Vulnerable Vs Weak

Vulnerable Vs Weak.

Feeling Vulnerable is simple a beautiful opportunity to choose courage.

At one time or another, we all feel vulnerable to a person or a possibility.  The vulnerability is natural and human. In fact, should anyone truly never feel vulnerable, they are at a loss.  A numb heart will never feel fear but neither will it feel the beauty of love, desire, happiness, which simply makes all that is worth it in this life and allows for success.

Weakness in truth is what we do by trying to hide our vulnerabilities. Don’t take me wrong, it can be smart in many situations to protect ourselves, mostly when in the presence of those who only aim to hurt us. But not showing our vulnerabilities in important life-transforming moments, in front of those that can potentially provide us with the most intense feelings of love, would be plain cowardice.

Being vulnerable is a gift, mostly nowadays when our newest generations are growing up in real states of detachment, truly unable to connect to their own animal selves. A sad reality where caring has become a symbol of “losers”.

If you find yourself vulnerable to someone or something count yourself lucky as you are capable of feelings! A precious gift we take for granted and even attempt to cut away from unaware that it is more often than not the reason we begin spiraling into self-destructive behaviors.

Diana Salom

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