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The Beauty of Failure | emerge.coach

The Beauty of Failure

   No matter how many times you place a cup wrong on the edge of a table, every single time, the universe will show you that you placed it wrong by making it fall. The same applies to anything in life.  Basically, the term failure is vastly understood as a negative thing.  We attach it to pain, frustration, and disappointment when in reality it is one of the greatest gifts we are given. When we do something wrong, the universe has a non-exhaustive way to let us know what we did was wrong by showing us undesired consequences.   Without these consequences, we would never know that the thought that triggered the action we took, was wrong. In this Universe….ity we are all in, the lessons are sent to us in the form of consequences.   That's the methodology.  -Don’t look at me,  I didn’t make the rules-   When correct, we will experience positive consequences and when wrong, negative consequences.  Failure comes to show us what will take to succeed. I am one to believe that people that have never fail don’t exist and those that have failed very little are extremely uninteresting.  I find the most interesting conversations are with those familiar with failure and have figure out how to take the lessons it gives them. Here we go back to the main principle of Emerge, where we understand that all begins with our thoughts.  These create your actions and your actions will create your reality.  If our thoughts and mindset are wrong, so will be our actions, and surely our reality will reflect it right back to us. When parents or loved ones take away consequences out of love, they are actually harming their loved ones by intervening with the most natural and efficient way for humans to become capable, self-sufficient, interesting and transcendental. Now, the goal remains to achieve success.  But the ladder to get there is called failure.    When we are in front of it,  instead of allowing it to spiral you in depression or anger, etc.  take the time to look deep and see where the lesson is in this particular rung.   What is the universe attempting to teach you?  If you find the lesson, you are now that much closer to your success and you will only make another mistake on a new rung, but never on the same one again. To summarize, failures offers us lessons, through lessons we...

Vulnerable Vs. Weak | Emerge.coac | Diana Salom

Vulnerable vs Weak.

Being vulnerable is simple a beautiful opportunity to choose courage. At one time or another we all feel vulnerable to a person or a possibility.  Vulnerability is natural and human.  In fact, should anyone truly never feel vulnerable, they are at a loss.  A numb heart will never feel fear but neither will it feel the beauty of love, desire, happiness, which simply makes all that is worth it in this life. Weakness in truth is what we do by trying to hide our vulnerabilities.  Don’t take me wrong,  it can be smart in many situations to protect ourselves, mostly when in the presence of those who only aim to hurt us.  But not showing our vulnerabilities in important  life-transforming moments, in front of those that can potentially provide us with the most intense feelings of love, would be plain cowardice. Being vulnerable is a gift, mostly nowadays when our newest generations are growing up in real states of detachment, truly unable to connect to their own animal selves. A sad reality where caring has become a symbol of “losers”. If you find yourself vulnerable to someone or something count yourself lucky as you are capable of feelings!  A precious gift we take for granted and even attempt to cut away from unaware that it is more often than not the reason we begin spiraling into self-destructive behaviors....

Observe Nature and learn | emerge.coach


Aren’t you just intrigued by nature?  With tons of incredible mountains, breathtaking water bodies, beautiful horizons, charming skyline and millions of galaxies littering the sky, nature is indeed a blessing to humanity. In fact, you can’t esteem nature enough, this is because you can’t just get enough of it. But have you ever wondered what you can learn from nature? I bet you haven’t given it a thought. Nature teaches quite a lot, and here are a few. Struggles aren’t part of nature One of the best things we can learn from nature is that nature never struggles to accomplish its purpose. In fact, nature is perfection and achieves every one of its goals with grace and bliss. Unlike humans who have to struggle to get to their destinations in life, nature achieves all it is set out to achieve effortlessly. This teaches us humans to be patient as our desires would be fulfilled in due time. Nature radiates fullness Are you feeling like you don’t have all that you need in life? Learn from nature. Look at the beautiful flowers, they never struggle to blossom, look at the endless strips of water, nothing hinders them from flowing. Yes, you may not be where you want to be in life. But hey my friend, it would only take a while if you persevere. All that you need to become who you’re setting out to be resides inside of you. With time, you’ll blossom like the lilies, shine like the stars and envelop the skies like the galaxies. Nature teaches seasons There are times we go through unexplainable circumstances that we may think of throwing in the towel. But before you do, take a look at nature and you’ll understand that life is patterned in times and season. There are times the lilies look so charming you’ll fall head over heels for them, other times they wither and look unattractive, there are times when the strips of waters you admire dry up; but is that the end? Absolutely no. In due time, they would fill up again. Yes, today isn’t the best of days for you, but who says tomorrow wouldn’t be better? If we can learn from nature that everything in life happens in times and seasons, then we would make the most of our lives; both good times and bad times. Nature is joyful I know there are times when things don’t work out as you planned...

overcoming fear | emerge.coach

Overcoming Fear

Are you always scared that the worst may happen? Do you sometimes feel this anxiety that makes you shake uncontrollably? Are you always frightened about what the future holds for you? Well, the truth is, fear is an enemy that must be overcome at all cost. And the good news is you can kiss fear and anxiety goodbye if you’ll just be bold enough to follow the tips in this article. Below are some really helpful tips to overcome fear and anxiety. Learn to control your breathing I guess you must have come across the benefits of deep breathing when you feel scared. Well, there is a reason this technique is highly recommended by experts. Over the years, people who struggle with acute anxiety that results from fear have found deep breathing very helpful in dealing with the bouts of symptoms’ that comes with anxiety. Through deep breathing, you’ll be able to calm your nerves and hopefully make better judgments. Take some time out It’s pretty daunting to think clearly especially when you are flooded with a flurry and anxiety. Nevertheless, taking some time out can prove very helpful. This would help you deal with the physical pain that comes with fear and anxiety. A fifteen minutes stroll in the park, a warm bath or even a cup of tea can do a whole lot to keep you distracted from the worries that triggering fear and anxiety in you. Learn to face your fears Why postpone doomsday when it is inevitable?  Yes! Certain situations may be quite painful to bear, but when you can’t change it, you have to face it. Postponing it will only skyrocket your fears. If you face your fears today, you’ll overcome it in no distant time. So you have a phobia for height and the only way to get to your superior's office is by taking the stairs or entering the elevator. What can you do in such situation? Well, your best bet is to face your fears. Who says fear can’t be conquered? Sometimes what you need is the just a twinge of boldness and your fear will become the thing of the past. Never try to be perfect Perfection is an attribute that is difficult to achieve. The more you try, the more you will fail woefully. And sadly, in a bid to attain perfection, a lot of people become frustrated. This is what sponsors fear and anxiety. My advice: Never...