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Observe Nature and learn | emerge.coach


Aren’t you just intrigued by nature?  With tons of incredible mountains, breathtaking water bodies, beautiful horizons, charming skyline and millions of galaxies littering the sky, nature is indeed a blessing to humanity. In fact, you can’t esteem nature enough, this is because you can’t just get enough of it. But have you ever wondered what you can learn from nature? I bet you haven’t given it a thought. Nature teaches quite a lot, and here are a few.
Struggles aren’t part of nature
One of the best things we can learn from nature is that nature never struggles to accomplish its purpose. In fact, nature is perfection and achieves every one of its goals with grace and bliss. Unlike humans who have to struggle to get to their destinations in life, nature achieves all it is set out to achieve effortlessly. This teaches us humans to be patient as our desires would be fulfilled in due time.
Nature radiates fullness
Are you feeling like you don’t have all that you need in life? Learn from nature. Look at the beautiful flowers, they never struggle to blossom, look at the endless strips of water, nothing hinders them from flowing. Yes, you may not be where you want to be in life. But hey my friend, it would only take a while if you persevere. All that you need to become who you’re setting out to be resides inside of you. With time, you’ll blossom like the lilies, shine like the stars and envelop the skies like the galaxies.
Nature teaches seasons
There are times we go through unexplainable circumstances that we may think of throwing in the towel. But before you do, take a look at nature and you’ll understand that life is patterned in times and season. There are times the lilies look so charming you’ll fall head over heels for them, other times they wither and look unattractive, there are times when the strips of waters you admire dry up; but is that the end? Absolutely no. In due time, they would fill up again. Yes, today isn’t the best of days for you, but who says tomorrow wouldn’t be better? If we can learn from nature that everything in life happens in times and seasons, then we would make the most of our lives; both good times and bad times.
Nature is joyful
I know there are times when things don’t work out as you planned hence, you might feel a little unhappy. But look at nature, despite the daily hardship humanity subjects it to, it is never sad. From human activities like pollution, bush burning, deforestation and others, nature indeed endures a lot, yet, it is always happy and radiates its fullness. The truth is, life will always throw things at you. Nevertheless, instead of remaining upbeat about the whole situation, why not find a reason to be happy? I’m sure there is something to cheer you up.
Nature teaches us to be economical
Without a doubt, natures has all that it needs to make the world a better place, yet still, it is not wasteful. Even the lion that is the king of the jungle feeds on one flesh at a time. Didn’t you learn anything from this? The fact that your bank account is overflowing with cash doesn’t mean you should spend money unwisely. Let’s be true to ourselves, one of the fastest routes to suffering is embracing a life of wastefulness. Learn from nature today, and make the most of your resources.
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