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Executive Coaching
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The Overwhelming Truth

The most profitable and successful businesses know to empower their most valuable and truly only resource: Humans!


People are unhappy with their Jobs 0
Feel Job insecurity 0
Trust their managers 0
Desire true leadership 0
Live out of balance 0

So many of us watch the twists and turns of life pass us by. We accept the ebb and flow of relationships, the ups and downs of our jobs. Or we find ourselves going through the motions, but not moving forward—treading water.

What is it about?

Our Executive Coaching Program is designed for any professional in a managerial leader position.  The company’s executives carry the mission and responsibility to ensure the health and success of everyone on the team as well as the overall success of the business.    Leadership begins at the core team of creators and expands through the executives all the way across the staff.

+ - Communication

Effective communication skills are the key to all evolutionary steps within any project.   Miscommunications lead to failures, repetitions, and chaos.   Also can generate personal friction and frustration.   Learning how to effectively communicate and motivate each one of the personalities in your team will make the difference that will create and maintain positive, creative, enthusiastic and successful work enviroment.

+ - Interpersonal skills

Many diferent factors come to play when we bring together a team of people to work in synergy for a common objective.  Personalities,  experiences, cultures, talents, circumstances, goals, etc.   Observing, honoring and understanding these factors in every person will allow for trust and rapport to build as well as opening up the needed space for each talent to shine where it belongs.

+ - Self- awareness

To be able to achieve Personal Responsibility, we all first need to become Self-Aware.   For most, it is much easier to observe traits and shortcomings in orders than in ourselves.   When everyone in a team becomes self- aware,  Communication and Interpersonal Relationships become healthier.  By understanding and observing ourselves we become more compassionate and understanding of others around us eliminating judgment and triggering a helping hand instead.

+ - Creativity

A business without creative visionaries is doom to become stagnant and fail. But before anyone can tap into their creativity, we first need to feel safe.  Only within a space of trust, can you and your team generate progressive ideas and take initiatives that will surely progress the success of your business.

+ - Personal Balance

The greatest mistake in leadership is thinking that a sacrificed worker will lead to most corporate profit and success.  In truth, it is only those that have found personal purpose and balance that are able to maintain a strong stream of energy, passion and evolutionary initiatives that are sure to benefit the company to greatest levels of success.


Passionate about perfection

When I hired Emerge I was stuck in a rut. I had dreams but kept focusing on my misery and didn’t even know it. There was no apparent exit. I was cynical and felt the unfairness of this world was all mine. I wanted better. Working with my coach I was able to find a new perspective of what my past meant and instead of letting it victimize me, the process helped me shift my mind into being empowered by it. The SHIFT! wow! When I look back I cannot even believe how trapped I was on my own self-pitiful perspective. That’s just a bit of it all. Coaching has been the single best thing I ever engaged in. It has improved it all for me!

Chris B. Husband and Business owner

Diana, a talented and insightful professional that I was fortunate enough to get to work with for three months. Three life changing months is how I often describe it. I am going on four years now knowing Diana. You will never find a more genuine or more committed professional than Diana. Everyone I have ever talked to that has worked with her shares my opinion.

Samuel Erickson CFO

Bringing this team over was the greatest evolutionary step we could have taken as a company. They unified out principles and help us create a culture of leadership and purpose.

Arlene F Executive Operations

I have worked with Diana during the last 10 years. She was the coach who helped me shift to a healthy and purposeful life.

Alessandra Santos International Loans

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