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The Beauty of Failure | emerge.coach

The Beauty of Failure

   No matter how many times you place a cup wrong on the edge of a table, every single time, the universe will show you that you placed it wrong by making it fall.
The same applies to anything in life.  Basically, the term failure is vastly understood as a negative thing.  We attach it to pain, frustration, and disappointment when in reality it is one of the greatest gifts we are given.
When we do something wrong, the universe has a non-exhaustive way to let us know what we did was wrong by showing us undesired consequences.   Without these consequences, we would never know that the thought that triggered the action we took, was wrong.
In this Universe….ity we are all in, the lessons are sent to us in the form of consequences.   That’s the methodology.  -Don’t look at me,  I didn’t make the rules-   When correct, we will experience positive consequences and when wrong, negative consequences.  Failure comes to show us what will take to succeed.
I am one to believe that people that have never fail don’t exist and those that have failed very little are extremely uninteresting.  I find the most interesting conversations are with those familiar with failure and have figure out how to take the lessons it gives them.
Here we go back to the main principle of Emerge, where we understand that all begins with our thoughts.  These create your actions and your actions will create your reality.  If our thoughts and mindset are wrong, so will be our actions, and surely our reality will reflect it right back to us.
When parents or loved ones take away consequences out of love, they are actually harming their loved ones by intervening with the most natural and efficient way for humans to become capable, self-sufficient, interesting and transcendental.
Now, the goal remains to achieve success.  But the ladder to get there is called failure.    When we are in front of it,  instead of allowing it to spiral you in depression or anger, etc.  take the time to look deep and see where the lesson is in this particular rung.   What is the universe attempting to teach you?  If you find the lesson, you are now that much closer to your success and you will only make another mistake on a new rung, but never on the same one again.
To summarize, failures offers us lessons, through lessons we improve and build true happiness.   Success although our ultimate goal it is not the good teacher.
So go ahead, fail! become interesting! Become wise! Achieve Your Success!
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