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True Confidence Vs Overcompensation

True Confidence vs. Overcompensation

True confidence is a rare quality.  It is the difference between where you are yesterday and today. People who are confident are people who aren’t scared to plunge into deep waters. To put things in retrospect, being confident is one attribute that humanity cannot do without. But as important as this is, it’s easy to confuse confidence for overcompensation.
Have you come across people at work, at home or even other places you think are confident because of the way they speak and act? Sometimes these kinds of people stand tall in the midst of others that you may easily pass them off as confident. But as much as this is a tell-tale sign or trait that differentiate confident people from others, these signs could be sometimes misleading.
Yes, their veracity may pass them off as confident people, but when they start soliciting for reassurance and admiration, it is a strong sign of insecurity. At this point, you should know that they have certain vulnerabilities they are subconsciously trying to compensate for.
Without a doubt, there are tons of reasons why people feel insecure. I’m sure you must have felt insecure at one point in your life even though you choose to hide behind the veiled “I’m cool” behavior.
On the flip side, true confidence comes across much more elegantly and naturally.  There is no internal need for re-assurance as these people are confident regardless of anyone’s opinion.  True confidence is quiet and offers knowledge when needed. True confidence needs no recognition or assurance from people. It is pure in itself.
True confidence can help you survive this cruel world where humans offer us the greatest happiness and the greatest pains too. With confidence, we can easily understand behaviors.
To this end, confidence is an undeniable skill we all need to build the life of our dreams. Nevertheless, it is imperative to become aware of our own moments of overcompensation so we can begin to self-improve on them until we truly feel confident on that specific subject or situation.
This brings me to another great topic to write about.  The difference between being vulnerable and being afraid.   Check it out!